Caroline Jackson

 Principal Owner / President

Caroline  Jackson has worked within the information, engineering technology and business sector for over 20 years. In addition, she has several years experience in business and real estate consulting, marketing and  investment. Over those years, after graduating from MDST thru Parks University St. Louis with B.S. Certification in Electro-Mechanics and Business, she has accumulated several highly desired certifications (including A+, Net+, Sys+, CBC, CMPAC, Carnegie and Sig Sigma). 

Her extensive experience in these sectors lend itself to serving her clients in a capacity unseen elsewhere. Caroline's unique understanding of profitability, technology, return on investment and marketing has greatly benefited her clients and has resulted in a  successful career in today’s digital media market.

 "Imagine selling digital marketing in a time when no one had heard of Facebook or Twitter. We have been doing this a long time..." Caroline Jackson


 John Oshman

 VP Technology 

John has been well respected in the technology world, well before he graduated Central Connecticut State University with a B.S. Degree in Management Information Systems. His expansive history of working in the computer software industry and with his strong consulting professional skills in Requirements Analysis, Enterprise Software, Agile, Methodologies, and Databases. With his vast knowledge of technology and engineering, extensive experience with C/C++/C#, Java, JavaScript, Microsoft Visual Basic/VB Script, Microsoft .NET, SQL, COBOL, HTML, PHP, Python, Modula-2, Pascal and LISP. He is fluent in both Microsoft and Linux platforms. In addition to John's technology experience, he has extensive experience in media production, equipment and rendering  and is CMPAC Producer Certified.  


John is our go to technology Shurpa!


Our Team


Paula Web
New Media Marketing  

Jessie  Brookshire

Graphic Artist Extraordinaire


Eddie Nolan

Web Solutions, Videography, Rendering, Audio and Editing

Robin Deese

Videography and Editing

Alicia Puckett

Account Manager